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about popscycle

Serving delicious bespoke

 Ice Creams in 6 popular flavours

A unique U.S Schwinn vintage bike and

a fully portable Freezer for your Event

I have been a keen non-lycra wearing member of the cycling fraternity since I got my first balloon tired Raleigh "Dido" at the age of 5. I have owned a couple of beach cruisers and I find them suited to every day "sit up and beg style" of riding on mixed terrain (I don't do hills). I had the inspiration to create a 1950's Diner style experience, and using that theme set about designing and constructing a mobile ice cream trailer. This is based on the well-engineered Carry Freedom Y trailer platform


So in the Summer of 2014 I began trading at outside events. I am currently developing my scope to include Weddings and

Children's Parties and perhaps corporate functions. The key to success in these markets is being able to target both individuals and organisations who might be looking for something different when hiring an ice cream cycle for their event.

I am looking at new ways to deliver the experience that might enhance the sense of occasion.